Concrete Pumping Quality Systems


It is the policy of nationwide concrete pumping to operate a quality assurance system that consistently meets the requirements of iso 9001-2000 and to produce a service that conforms to specified standards of quality, reliability and performance.

Nationwide concrete pumping is committed to delivering the highest standard of professional services, to serve, satisfy and care for our clients in the construction industry through the provision of pharmaceutical, main contracting, construction and project management services.

By turning conception into reality and by emphasising long term objectives, safety, progress and cost effectiveness, nationwide concrete pumping strives to achieve continual improvement. For nationwide concrete pumping to achieve this goal, an effective quality management system which conforms to iso 9001:2000 requirements must be maintained.

All operatives and staff employed by nationwide concrete pumping accept direct responsibility for their own work and are trained to clearly interpret all of our control interfaces which area co-ordinated to the highest standards possible. Our compliance with codes and standards of practice is exemplary.

It is our mission to:

  • Carry out construction works in strict compliance with relevant legislation, regulations and in accordance with relevant specifications and requirements
  • Provide and sustain effective utilisation of resources
  • Provide a service that exceeds customer expectations
  • Develop a challenging and rewarding work environment
  • Promote a culture of quality awareness and responsibility through leadership, communication and training, for direct employees, suppliers and sub-contractors
  • Strive for harmonious teamwork and care for the growth and wellbeing of our people.
  • Investing in personnel through education, training and development
  • Maintaining an externally accredited management system that meets the requirements of iso 9001:2000

Quality Management

Tori power is the nominated quality management representative who has the authority and responsibility to ensure that these requirements all codes and standards are updated and communicated and understood within the company on a regular basis.

The purpose, scope and procedures of the nationwide concrete pumping system apply to all supplies, services and process activities involved in meeting the company and client requirements.

The company quality system is reviewed annually by management and periodically assessed through the annual schedule of internal quality audits. All revision to the quality manual are implemented with immediate effect.

All employees of nationwide concrete pumping are required to enhance their quality awareness, understanding their respective quality responsibilities and to consistently implement this quality policy.