Mobile Concrete Pump 48m in Melbourne

Mobile Concrete Pumping

Our diverse fleet of concrete booms are the best solution for high volume concrete placement for large scale construction.

Our fleet includes 46 Mobile Boom pumps: 55m 52m, 49m, 48m, 47m 45m, 43m 42m, 41m, 39m, 37m, 36m, 34m, 32m, 28m, and 21 Metre Boom Pumps.

10+ std Pressure and High Pressure City Line pumps delivering high productivity and a simple solution to complex site requirements.

We are the forefront in large-scale construction, with a late model well maintained and safe to operate equipment.

Complementing our fleet of Mobile Boom pumps is the 3 Stage Robitic Spray Machine. The robotic shotcrete machine is particularly suitable for concrete placing where direct manually distributed shotcrete can not meet the site application times and volume.

Our mobile truck mounted concrete pumps come in all output ranges and boom sizes awith multiple types of pumps available and leg configurations offering features such os OSS (One side Support)

Our Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps range from our two axle 21m with a 18 metre vertical reach to the 5 axle 55M which can place concrete almost anywhere within a 55 metre vertical radius.

These popular versatile machines are ideal for the majority of concrete placement applications. Offering a number of different lengths and configurations including roll fold, Z-fold and telescopic boom, there is bound to be a mobile pump perfect for the work you do.

Mobile Boom Pumps

The versatility of our larger pumps means better productivity and end results for the client. Reduced outrigger loads with innovations such as 5 and 6 Booms stages, Carbon Fiber Boom sections and electronic stability controls.

Line Pumps

Our line pumps are state of the art pumps that can pump hundreds of metres on high pressure at the flick of a switch. Increased pumping pressures and pump capabilities means less blockages and faster pour results. Reducing overall time on site making Nationwide your premier choice.