Brisbane 33m Concrete Placing Boom

High Rise Pumping

Wherever concrete is needed, in whatever quantities, Nationwide has the best system to deliver results to our clients. Our separate placing booms offer extraordinary versatility producing high delivery rates over large areas and all in a variety of mounting options: free standing, slab supported, self-climbing form systems, on barges, walls or most any structure.

Because of our vast experience designing placing booms for the construction of high-rise buildings, dams, bridges, oil drilling platforms, LNG tanks and many other structures, we have a proven method to speed your project to completion.

When the project is the most challenging, that’s when Nationwides versatile equipment combines with the knowledge and experience of our application engineers to design a delivery system to meet your concrete placement goals.

Our placing Booms bring innovation to the placement of concrete with Lattice towers, Square, round and octagonal mast sections that not only optimize strength and durability through their shape, but are easy to transport and provide a modular approach for ultimate flexibility.

All of our placing booms easily transition from free-standing to slab supported configurations with a range of bolt-on accessories that can be easily added. A self-climbing mechanism makes the raising or lowering of the mast and boom a one-man job freeing the tower crane for other lifting duties.

The overwhelming advantage that Nationwide brings to an engineered placing boom project is our ability to match the best components, from the concrete pump to the placing boom and everything in between to create a distribution system that will exceed your expectations.

These advantages, along with our extensive Spare parts and service capabilities, mean your project with our equipment will be a success.


Seperate Placing Booms

Our diverse range of Placing Booms range from 24M 4stage Booms to 37M 5 Stage. Counterweight and non counterweight options means a solution to suit the loads imposed by pumping on floors and jump systems. 20m metres of freestand and the abilty to hydraulically climb with the building.

Seperate Placing Booms. 33m Z Fold Zoomlion

Stationary Skid Pumps

Nationwide offers a variety of over 28 High Pressure static or stationary pumps to meet the requirements of increased pumping pressures required for large scale projects. No building or distance is too great.

With a Fleet of Putzmiester electric and Diesel powered pumps, Zoomlion 105HBT and 110HBT pumps and Schwing 3000 and 4000 Pumps. What makes this more impressive is that 90% of our fleet is under 3 years old

Zoomlion HBT105 High Pressure Trailer Pump